ESG - Environment, Social & Governance

Our goal is to reduce carbon footprint throughout our entire value chain

Reducing our manufacturing carbon footprint means innovating across our label finishing and packaging machine portfolio, and innovations are best achieved in partnership with other experts.

Less pollution & waste reduction with UV-LED technology
Technologies such as LED drying lamps, energy-efficient motors (IEC2-4), re-generating servo drives (collecting braking power) and intelligent fan controls are all contributing to the lowest in class energy consumption.

UV LED systems do not generate ozone and, unlike traditional UV lamps, do not contribute to the release of mercury into the environment. What's more, the use of UV LED lamps significantly reduces maintenance costs, eliminates the cost of mercury bulb replacement, offers half of CO2 emissions and provides up to 70% energy savings compared to mercury lamps.
All this contributes to the protection of the environment and to the improvement of the financial results of our clients

GM is working with manufacturers of high-energy drying systems to convert all old mercury systems to LED within the next 2 years.

We are making strong progress on our targets to reduce the carbon footprint
The energy consumption in the machinery is further reduced by using regenerating drives picking up the energy used to slow the machinery down.

In GM we are determined to do our part by cutting the carbon footprint of our operations and our entire value chain. That is why our ambition of ZERO carbon footprint 2030 is based on science-based carbon-reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s more ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C.

We are making strong progress on our targets to switch to more renewable electricity and decarbonize our manufacturing plant. And by working with our partners and suppliers, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our entire value chain.

NOTE: The GM “Energy” marking indicates that our machines are designed with energy re-generating and saving components.


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