DC330MINI installation in Tasmania

DC330MINI installation in Tasmania

Aldus Tronics - GM distributor in Australia - installs DC330MINI in Mercury Walch in Hobart, Tasmania

Mercury Walch is Tasmania’s largest commercial printer located in Hobart and has a history dating back to 1839, making it one of the longest continually operating printing houses in Australia. The company has been on its current site since 1970 and is the most equipped printing company in Tasmania. Mercury Walch offers environmentally sound printing, packaging, labels and mail.

Gary Nilsson, General Manager says: "Mercury Walch has been producing pressure sensitive labels for the Tasmanian market for over 10 years and is always looking to invest in the latest and best machinery to assist us to continue to supply the highest quality of labels to our many varied customer base. 
After many months of research and viewing quite a number of different finishing options, Mercury Walch chose the DC330MINI as its main new piece of finishing equipment for our label division. The DC330MINI is a very strong, easy to operate a piece of equipment and has the capacity for us to continue to expand our label output with ease. We have only had the DC330MINI for a short time but we are extremely happy with its performance and look forward to working it hard and long for many, many years to come."

Aldus Tronics is the leading supplier in Australasia of Tronics labelling, Videojet coding, marking and graphics machinery since 1949 and they provide innovative, modern and reliable solutions to manufacturers across all industries. The company provides a full suite of consumables, spares and post-sales service.

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Pictures: Daniel Dance, Print Manager in Mercury Walch with DC330MINI