Printing Colorama purchases a DC330FB

Printing Colorama purchases a DC330FB

Chilean Company Colorama, which was awarded the Theobaldo De Negris 2015 Award, for their Errázuriz Ovalle Winery label, has purchased GM’s DC330FB. This equipment includes a unit that allows printing, foiling, embossing in one step, and a silk screen unit. In addition, the die cutter can operate in semi-rotary or full rotary mode.




Purchased a year ago, this new acquisition has empowered the DC330Mini’s technology. It improves performance and offers new alternatives within the company’s four areas: digital printing, flexography, offset and pre-pressing.

At GM we offer various possibilities to our clients, one of them being the tandem, a concept exclusively developed by our team, which points to production maximum optimization, allowing for equipment adaptation and one step labelling process. However, each machine can work independently and perform top quality finishing.

The roll-to-roll Label division Manager at Colorama, Carlos Scheuch said that he had seen its qualities in Brussels, at Labelexpo Europe 2015, when he decided to buy it.

Scheuch highlights that, in spite of having installed the DC330FB only a week ago, the finishing quality has already improved, and the flat-bed silk screen process has been optimized. He also pointed out that it increases the label printing process and is able to create digital and wine labels in one series, fulfilling his expectations.