The first new DC350NANO installed in Denmark

The first new DC350NANO installed in Denmark

A new customer, Nemprint A/S of Aarhus, Denmark, has acquired a DC350NANO, adding capacity in order to meet increasing customer demands.

GM is pleased to start a great relationship with Nemprint A/S
The DC350NANO is compact, cost-effective unit for lamination, die-cutting, and slitting. As digital label printing continues to grow, label companies are realizing the need for all-inclusive digital print systems that provide value-adding features for producing fully finish labels.

Previously we produced on a cutting plotter roll-to-roll, which could run approx 4.000 labels per hour, our new DC350NANO runs 140.000 labels per hour. GM and the new DC350NANO is the ideal choice for us, the new investment will take Nemprint A/S to a new level through higher production efficiency, commented John Brixen, owner of Nemprint A/S.

See more details of new DC350NANO here.

The picture below: at the left side John Brixen/Nemprint A/S and right side Glenn Büttner/NoMe, agent for GM Scandinavien