UTVI from Vicenza installs GM NANO converter

UTVI from Vicenza installs GM NANO converter

UTVI Srl from Vicenza in Italy has chosen GM DC330NANO converting line

For UTVI Tipolito Srl, which was founded in 1966, the legacy of tradition and following new technologies are an extremely important factor in its activities. With extensive experience in the printing industry, the company specializes in printing services, bookbinding and multimedia.

The company has chosen the GM DC330NANO converting unit as an all-in-one finishing solution for its digital label press. From roll to finished product, the compact finisher features die-cutting and slitting plus lamination for print protection, at an economical price and with a small footprint. Quick changeovers and ease of use make NANO an ideal solution for UTVI.

The NANO installation was implemented thanks to the commitment and professional advice of our colleague Luca Marvini from GM office in Italy.  

See the video demonstration of new DC350NANO here.

The picture below,  from left: Alessandra Magrin - company Owner, Michele Zamperetti - company Owner and Cristiano Orsi - machine operator