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Coater with lamination and flexo varnish. Single unit in-line or off-line converting for digital workflows. The converting line consists of a UV varnish and lamination/supergloss. Operation can be both inline with a dancer or offline (optional unwind module). Typical applications are banners, folders, post cards and roll-to-roll printed labels (not die cut). The line is operated by a touch display and available for web widths of 330mm (~13.0”) or 515mm (~20.3”). 


Optional equipment 

  • Separate unwind section, max. roll diameter 1000mm (~39.4”)
  • Hot-air module for Aqua varnish
  • Jogger table for sling stacking
  • Spot varnish 
  • Corona treater 
  • Back scoring / Perforation

Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Unwind mandrel diameter
40 - 180mm ~1.6 - 7.1”
Max. unwind diameter
(internal unwind section)
800mm ~31.5”
Max. roll weight, unwinding  150kg   ~331
Max. web speed  30m/min