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GM SmartLam

GM Peel and Reveal Multi-layer Unit

Multi-layer labels are often used for pharmaceutical and medical label applications – especially when government regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. With a multi-layer label, you can also add recipes on food labels, promote sweepstakes / giveaways, offer detailed instructions, give multilingual information, debut a new product, attract buyers with coupons and display legal text. 


Efficient production of multi-layer units requires either cross-over units or lamination of two layers in register. Lamination in register has a major advantage over cross- over units, as the full web width is utilized. This doubles the production capacity and allows for full flexibility in the label design and size.

Advanced full servo control ensures a perfect register between the top and bottom layer. The system automatically controls web tension and register, while providing feedback to the user on the built-in touchscreen.

The system has an optional cloud/network connectivity and can be connected to a local or external network job base for fully digital job scheduling. Remote system diagnostics and monitoring come as standard.

GM’s SmartLam unit is compatible with all GM DC350/DC550 modular finishers. The compact but advanced unit can be installed in a day or ordered with a new machine.

The GM Peel and Reveal Multi-layer Unit:


Client example of multi layer labels:


Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric  
Web width 330 and 500mm standard  
Speed Up to 72 m/min  
Verified Substrates 30 - 60 µm PP on silicone liner  
Power / Air 3x400V+N+PE, 6A, 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200 x 280 x 900 mm  
Weight 60 kg