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Semi AutoTurret

GM offers a range of Semi AutoTurret rewinders for wide range GM finishers. The GM Semi-automatic Turret Rewinder offers very quick make ready times, unlike conventional rewinding. This allows shorter runs to be produced both quickly and more efficiently.


Unlike conventional rewinding units, the Semi AutoTurret is easy to prepare and set up. It is the ideal machine for long production runs with small roll sizes of rewinding standard self-adhesive labels. The unit only halts for a few seconds while the turret indexes and new cores are applied while the unit is still running. This fast changeover keeps the time the operator spends changing cores at a minimum over time.

The machine is available as an option for a finishing line or as a rewinder, or with the addition of a rotary die cutter, it is a cost-effective solution to blank / plain label converting with a production speed of 150m/minute. Semi AutoTurret is available with either one or two rotary die stations for plain label production.


  • Stepless electrical tension
  • Automatic taper tension control (option)
  • End of roll function
  • Count Facility
  • Labels
  • Linear – meters
  • Programmable auto slow down and stop when the count is reached
Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 330 / 350 / 550 mm 13.0 / 13.8 / 21.6" 
Rewind 2 position turret  
Max diameter on Turret 400 mm 15.7"
Max diameter on the bottom shaft 500 mm 19.7"
Standard core diameter 76 mm 3″

GM is in the industry-forefront with the Industry 4.0 adoption. In GM we are preparing to heavily focus on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

All GM Industry 4.0 certified machines are built to be cloud connected for easy remote diagnostics and connection to various production systems (MIS).

More information here: i4.0

In GM we are determined to do our part by cutting the carbon footprint of our operations and our entire value chain. That is why our ambition of ZERO carbon footprint 2030 is based on science-based carbon-reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s more ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C.

More information here: EnergySave