HL500 Fully Integrated Hot Laminator

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HL500 Fully Integrated Hot Laminator

Expand your business opportunities by entering new markets!

HL500 is a high performance compact hot lamination system dedicated to the refining process in the production of high-quality photo books, book covers and photo prints. The machine can be fully integrated with most digital presses providing efficient online production.


Compact design – many possibilities
Depending on the configuration, the HL500 hot laminator operates in various modes: roll to roll, roll to sheet and optionally - in length slitting mode. The unique design of the device means that in addition to hot foiling, it can also be used for UV varnishing, spot varnishing with registration and cold UV lamination.

Advanced lamination technology
Thanks to Hard Chrome-plated heating cylinder combined with lamination film you obtain extremely high gloss of the laminate, which ensures excellent photographic results. Hard chrome used as coating on the cylinder guarantees good heat conductivity as well as the high surface tension, which reduces friction and prevents soiling.


  • Extremely high gloss of the laminate for perfect photographic effect
  • Full control over the lamination process thanks to the latest servo technology with tension control
  • Inline with digital press for continuing production
  • High speed up to 60m/min for efficient converting
  • More finishing options in compact construction: UV varnish, spot varnish and UV cold lamination
  • Easy web access and maintenance


HL500 characteristics:

  • Servo driven line with tension control
  • Runs offline or inline with digital presses; optional LUW500 unwinder for offline use
  • 500 mm web width, standard speed 5-20m/min depending on lamination film
  • Works with standard low melt PET lamination films with thickness: 20-80um and temperature 80-120°C
  • Graphical touch screen with web up diagram, label counter, meter counter, alarms, debug/fault information and remote internet hook up – in local language
  • BST ultrasonic web guide
  • Modern single sided frame for easy threading and maintenance
  • Optional dual rewind for a max roll diameter of 450 mm with independent tension control.
  • Optional UV varnish station with GEW air cooled drying system
  • Optional spot varnish (servo driven registration system) for cold foil print or spot colours
  • Optional UV lamination station
  • Optional length slitting station with 3x knives (Shear / Razor / Crush)
Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 200 - 502 mm 8 - 19.75"
Substrate  80 - 350 gsm  
Max speed 20 m/min 66 ft/min
Max. unwind optional LUW500 recommended for offline
Max. internal rewind  Ø450 mm  17.7"
Core diameter  76,2 or 152,4 mm  3 or 6"
Hot lam cylinder
Lam cyl circumference 635 mm 25"
Lam cyl diameter 202 mm 8"
Width 523 mm 20.6"
Flexo Station
Print Cylinder size 228 - 482,6 mm 9 - 19"
Spot varnish option
(digital sensor register control)
Slitting Station
Knife Type Pneumatic crush, shear or razor knife
Minimum distance crush 12,7mm 0.5"
Minimum distance shear  10 mm 0.4"
Connections & Size
Power/Air  3x400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar
Leak current  min 300mA PFI / RCCB / class A
Exhaust UV  Ø100mm, 800m3/h. Outside.
Exhaust Corona Ø100mm, 800m3/h. Outside.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,9x1,5x1,7m 9.5x4.9x5.6ft