LA330 Laminator

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LA330 Laminator

The LA330 from GM offers the ideal solution to finish the job. The machine is a multipurpose module, which acts as a stand-alone rewinder with inspection, splice table and optional length slitting possibilities.

It comes in multiple configurations. In the picture, it is equipped with dual foil unwinds with individual web guides and tension control. Other options like LAMINATION IN REGISTER and automatic slitting are possible.


The LA330 is a lamination and slitting combo machine. It runs as an offline unit as standard but can be fitted with a buffer and run inline with a digital press or other equipment. The LA330 has separate tension control for unwinding, lamination and rewinding. As standard, the processing speed is 32m/min but it can be configured to run up to 150m/min. The LA330 has a soft-touch pressure nip with rubber on both anvil and pressure nip roller. This allows for wrinkle-free lamination of everything from standard pressure-sensitive labels to OPV solar cells.

The machine can operate both as a slitter-rewinder and as a laminating machine for self-adhesive laminate. It features a special rubber coated laminating nip that ensures curl/wrinkle-free lamination.

The machine has an easy to use touch panel and features stepless electronic tension on both unwind and rewind spindles. A BST web guide with the ultrasonic sensor is fitted as standard. The web guide has a build-in splice table with two air controlled clamps. There are many possible options for the machine: crush knife, shear knife manual or automatic and razor blade stations, inkjet head etc.

The rewinder is equipped with air expansion mandrels with sleeves easily exchangeable to other sizes. The rewinder can be set on rewinding label-in or label-out, and many functions are set and defined using the touch display.

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Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Speed 32 m/min (150 m/min on request)  
Web width 330 mm (other sizes on request)  13"
Web guide BST with ultrasonic fork
Unwind 600 mm (800 mm optional) 23.6" (31.5" opt.)
Rewind 500 mm standard 19.7"
Rewind torque 10 - 100 Nm, adjustable on front panel
Web tension press 5 - 20N, adjustable
Max. roll size Ø250 mm 9.8”
Power 3x400V+N+PE, 16A
Air supply 6 bar
Weight 700 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)

2,0 x 1,3 x 1,7 m


GM is in the industry-forefront with the Industry 4.0 adoption. In GM we are preparing to heavily focus on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

All GM Industry 4.0 certified machines are built to be cloud connected for easy remote diagnostics and connection to various production systems (MIS).

More information here: i4.0

In GM we are determined to do our part by cutting the carbon footprint of our operations and our entire value chain. That is why our ambition of ZERO carbon footprint 2030 is based on science-based carbon-reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s more ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C.

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