XRN500R2 Dual Rewind

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XRN500R2 Dual Rewind

The XRN500R2 is a Dual Rewind unit with constant tension control towards the press. It features stepless tension on the rewind roll and a tension dividing nip. Operates on both slack-loop and tight web presses. Dual rewind, knifebox and webguide are optional. 



  • Dual rewind with constant tension control towards the press
  • Tension dividing nip
  • Stepless tension on rewind roll
  • Air expanding mandrel in 76mm / 3"
  • Operates on all Xeikon presses (or other)


  • Crush knife slitting
  • Razor blade slitting
  • Web guide
Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric
Web width 50-500mm
Maximum roll diameter 550mm dual / 600mm single rewind
Maximum roll weight 100 kg
Maximum input web speed 30m/min (98 feet/min)