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Product highlights

  • Multimode coater, allowing single sheet coating and full R2R coating.
  • Compact platform for production & applied science
  • Modular system allowing different setups
  • Proven design tested with multiple processes / in production for more than a decade
  • Standard solutions for Slot-die coating and Flexo electrode printing
  • Integrated web guide with ultrasonic fork allows for multiple runs on same material (product saving)
  • Extra training and workshops possible for complicated processes



Configuration Solar R&D: Unwind, webguide, heated roller, Slot die / flexo stand and rewind.

This setup is good to test solar inks and conductive layers. The machine can be used to make working OPV solar cells. Please note that is can function both as a roll to roll or a single turn roll machine. In single turn mode, only the center moves and make a single rotation.  When this process works, the process can be scaled up to roll to roll easily by using the unwind and rewinder. 

Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 10 - 180 mm * 0.4 - 7"
Substrate 20 - 80 µm  
Max. unwind Ø300 mm 11.8"
Unwind core diameter 76.2 mm 3"
Max. rewind Ø300 mm 11.8"
Rewind core diameter 76.2 mm 3"
Power / Air 240V+N+PE, 6A, 6 bar  
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2.0 x 0.82 x 0.82 m  

* Depending on mode.