ETV330/515 High Speed Sheeter

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ETV330/515 High Speed Sheeter

Roll to sheet guillotine cutter suitable for cutting labels and heavy materials. In-line and off-line operation. Builtin register control. A touch screen that allows for easy handling operates the sheeter. Cutting according to length, number of labels or print marks. It features a conveyor belt with stack and total counter. The web speed is limited to max. 30 m/minute and max. 14.000 sheets/hour and varies consequently according to the selected cutting length. The speed is typically 3.000 – 10.000 sheets/hour, subject to the job.

  • Touch display setting of label quantity per sheet and other job information
  • Cutting operations according to one of the following criteria:
    • Label intervals by photocell
    • Length measured by an encoder (1/10mm interval)
    • Print mark by a print mark read or capacitive sensor (“clear on clear”). (Optional equipment)
  • Unwind mandrel with separate motor
  • Conveyor belt with setting of sheets per stack and total number
  • Automatic register control adjusts for changes in the sheeter speed
  • Warning (and stop) when the unwinder is nearly empty
  • Automatic stop in case of unintentional operation of the unwind section
  • "Window detector” allowing for cutting jobs without register mark and for stop of the sheeter in case of missing label or matrix faults (1 lane)
  • Suspension of cutting while unusable paper runs through the sheeter
  • Switch-over from 1/10mm to 1/100inches when cutting by length
  • When the sheeter is switched off, all settings are preserved (battery backup)
  • Switch-over to inline operation (optional equipment)


The ETV330/515 is available as an option for the DC330.



Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Max. web width 330 or 515 mm 13 or 20.3"
Min. web width 30 mm 1.18"
Max. sheet length 10 m 33 ft
Min. sheet length 10 mm 0.4"
Max. web speed 30 m/min 98 ft/min
Max. speed in sheets 14 000 sheets/hour  
Core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6"
Max. unwind diameter
Ø800 mm 31.5"
Cutting accuracy approx. ± 0,15 mm ± 0.006"
Max. roll weight, unwinding 150 kg  331 lb
Dimensions ETV330 (WxDxH) 1,82x0,95x1.5m  6.0x3.15x4.95ft
Dimensions ETV515 (WxDxH) 1,82x1,13x1.5m   6.0x3.71x4.95ft
Power / Air 200 - 240V+N+PE, 13A, 6 bar